Carpet vs. Hardwood Flooring; the Debate of the Decade

When it comes to renovating your home the perplexing question that pops into a person’s mind is whether to install carpet or hardwood flooring in their rooms. Despite the fact that each of them clearly has advantages and disadvantages of its own, we want you to stick with us since we'll be picking a winner.

These days, the market is overrun with flooring retailers boasting that their goods offer incomparable results and a lifetime warranty. But believe us when we say that these claims are nothing more than sales gimmicks.

At BM Floors we are focused on providing quality products that are cost-effective, easy to install, and maintain while giving an aesthetic look along with a clean and healthy home and office environment. BM Floors always offers customers fashionable and hot-sale designs. We provide customers timely Updated designs to refurbish the market taste.

In today’s blog, we’ll shed a light on both Carpet and Hardwood floorings and will then decide which of them has the upper hand.


Your floors are vulnerable to dust and sticky solid spills if you live with extended family members, have huge meals, and host parties. Now that you think about it, you probably wished you had hardwood floors instead of carpets when it comes to cleaning these tough stains.

The stains can decrease the value of your carpet and are almost always difficult to remove from a carpet. In contrast, if you have hardwood flooring done, you may stand away from the dirt without getting breaking a sweat.

Initial Cost:

Although hardwood floors are simple to maintain and clean, they are more expensive than carpets overall. This is due to the fact that hardwood floors require more installation and maintenance and are regarded as a high-end product, which causes their price range to soar.

Contrarily, carpets are less expensive and easier to install, which accounts for the fact that most homes in our nation have them.

Durable and Long Lasting:

The only thing that matters is how long a piece of flooring can survive, regardless of how expensive or high-quality it is.

Carpets are less expensive, but their value rapidly declines once they start to lose their color and fiber. This type of flooring needs to be replaced every 10 to 20 years if you don't want to start noticing the backing through the carpet fibers.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring can last more than 50 years if installed and maintained correctly.

These estimations clearly depend on how you handle and maintain your floors. Both goods continue to be in demand on the market today, but hardwood floors, which appear nice and are simple to keep, are more likely to make you feel comfortable than carpets.

BMFloors brings you laminate wood flooring that is made from high-density fiberboard that is reinforced with a special resin to further enhance moisture resistance and increase durability. 

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Pros & Cons of Different Types of Flooring in Pakistan

Renovating or building your space from the scratch, you need to know all the options, their pros and cons, and then decide what suits you the best. When you are spending on revamping or building your space, you often do not want to compromise on the options available. Most of us would go an extra mile on the expenditure thinking the cost is worthy enough if that particular thing can last with us for years to come.

Out of all the elements that come under the umbrella of renovation and revamping, in this piece we will talk about the flooring options in Pakistan.

We understand how difficult it can be when you are renovating or refurbishing a place. There are a lot of things to deal with. That is why we have compiled this piece with all the information relating to different flooring options in Pakistan. You can go through them all and then make an informed choice.

What flooring options are available in Pakistan?

Thanks to the advancement in every field, we are left with several flooring choices. A few of them are old, tried, and tested ones, while some are innovations of the old forms to come up with improved solutions.

Commonly available flooring options are:

       Hardwood flooring


       Ceramic tiles                       

We will now talk about each option and discuss its pros and cons

Hardwood flooring

It will not be wrong to say that hardwood floorings are ancient. Undeniably classic! This type of flooring went out of style in the 1980s, but they are again in fashion nowadays. Hardwood flooring is perfect for cold regions as natural wood is capable of retaining normal temperatures. It makes it comfortable to walk around on natural wood. The cherry on top is that there are many wood color options to match your taste and décor. Oak, teak, walnut, beech, deodar, and maple are some of the options available.

This does not go without saying that everything comes in a package of pros and cons. So does hardwood flooring. Read on to stock up on all that you should know before choosing this option.


This type of flooring is very stylish. It adds value to your place. It has several color options to suit your theme and décor. Hardwood floorings are a favorite choice for cold regions. They are durable and their maintenance is very easy.


Hardwood flooring is a costly option. The material and installation may cost you some big bucks. Also, it is prone to damage and scratches. Since wood and water do not get along well, you will have to ensure to keep it away from water exposure.

If you think you can manage to have this type of flooring, we would suggest you get professional help and assistance. Psst! Try BM floorings.



If you want to give your place a royal and cozy feel, go for wall-to-wall carpets. Of course, the carpeting is done on marble or concrete floors. However, the feeling of walking on lush carpets barefoot is unmatched. The good thing about carpets is that they come in almost all colors and shades. Therefore, following your theme will never be an issue. Moreover, carpets come in material options like synthetic and woolen. This makes it easy to narrow down your choices according to the climate of your area. Pro tip: if you like a carpet that does not come with a plush-worthy thickness, you can get a foam underlayer to get a matching experience. This will also be a little lighter on your pocket.

Let us now look at why you can or you cannot go for this flooring option:


Carpets give your place a cozy and rich look. They come in a variety of color and texture choices. They are noise absorbers. They provide excellent insulators which makes them a good choice for cold regions. It is very easy to maintain carpets on daily basis.


Carpets do not go well in environments where they are prone to water damage. They get stained very easily, and it is difficult to remove stains particularly if the carpet is of light color. These properties make it a bad choice for places that have small kids and pets around.

Carpets accumulate dust and this makes them a bad choice for families that are sensitive to dust allergies and respiratory illnesses. To keep your carpets clean and tidy, you will need to get professional cleaners’ help which is again a costly option.


Ceramic tiles:

Ceramic tiles are rapidly becoming a favorite flooring option. They are made of natural materials like clay, sand, and water. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of colors and textures and have a matte or glossy finish to match your liking. The good thing about these tiles is that they keep the space cool which is best for hot areas of Pakistan.

Advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


Ceramic tiles are highly durable and an economical option. They come in almost all colors and several textures to choose from. Moreover, ceramic tiles require almost zero maintenance. Just wipe them with a wet mop and you are good to go. They are best for hot weather and are susceptible to damage.



Ceramic tiles are not suitable for small kids or elderly people around. They can be slippery and can cause harm in case of a fall. Since these tiles are dyed or printed, they can fade over time. For places that require barefoot walking and standing for long hours, these tiles are a bad choice.


Take away:

Having appropriate flooring to match your décor, theme, budget, and lifestyle is a must. You cannot live in a place with concrete flooring. You just have to go through all the options available and make an informed choice. We understand what a herculean task this must be. We would suggest always going with professionals when tackling complex matters like these. BM floors is your best bet for all your flooring solutions.

In comparison to other kinds of flooring, how does laminate flooring differ?

Any project that is being built, whether it be a home, office, mall, or simply a renovation, starts with a variety of alternatives being considered for the choice of, including pipelines, paintwork, furniture, and flooring. It's crucial to choose the greatest flooring while taking into account its benefits and drawbacks because it improves the look of any space overall.

Currently, laminate wood flooring is regarded as one of the top solutions for its:

·         Genuine look similar to wood

·         Possibility of modifying the textures, styles, and colors we want

·         Durability

·         Cost-effectiveness

·         Easy installation

·         Scratch resistant

·         Simple to maintain and take care of


Below, several flooring types and laminate wood flooring are compared.

Laminate Wood Flooring and Carpets

The two most popular options for flooring are carpets and laminate floors. Due to its ease of cleaning and obvious dirt resistance, laminate flooring is thought to be more sanitary and hypoallergenic than carpet. For individuals who suffer from allergies, carpet is a less preferable alternative because it has a tendency to hold dust and pollen, is more difficult to clean, is more likely to stain, and grows bacteria and germs when exposed to moisture.

The cost of the two flooring kinds is comparable but high-end, "high pile" carpeting will probably be more expensive than high-end laminate flooring. The cost of installation must also be taken into account, and tongue-and-groove planks, which are frequently found in laminate flooring, make installation comparatively simple and well-liked among do-it-yourselfers. Carpet can also be self-installed, although it's more difficult.

Laminate Flooring and Engineered Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring can be replaced with laminate or engineered flooring, both of which are affordable and long-lasting options. Because the real wood veneer used in engineered flooring resembles solid hardwood a little more.

Despite being entirely synthetic, laminate flooring closely resembles real wood. It is also much simpler to install than engineered hardwood flooring, making it a good option for do-it-yourself flooring. Engineered flooring is made entirely of wood. It, therefore, feels firmer underfoot than laminate flooring, precisely like real hardwood flooring. The synthetic core and foam underlayment of laminate flooring give it a smooth, almost springy feel. Under socks or bare feet, the wear layer is soft and smooth, however, it might be slippery. The greatest option for flooring that resembles genuine hardwood but is easy to maintain is engineered flooring.

If you want to save money on your floor covering, laminate wood flooring is a better option than ordinary wood flooring, especially when self-installation is involved.

Laminate Wood Flooring and Vinyl Flooring

Under the tough, clear wear layer, higher-quality vinyl plank and tile flooring use an image or photo layer. Typically, this picture depicts a type of wood (such as oak, maple, or hickory) or, less frequently, a type of stone.

Though not all vinyl flooring has this authentic appearance. Older, less expensive vinyl sheet and tile flooring is printed using a rotogravure technique (similar to a cylinder printing press) and is then covered with a clear wear layer.

Whereas, All laminate flooring simulates real wood or stone using a high-definition photographic layer placed below the wear layer.

The distinguishing quality of laminate wood flooring is its appearance. Laminate flooring is available in almost every shade, species, and style of real wood and stone flooring, including hand-scraped, rustic, reclaimed wood, multi-tonal, natural finish, whitewashed, multi-length, and many more. Vinyl flooring is a superior option for bathrooms because it is more resilient to moisture than laminate flooring. However, because laminate flooring offers a variety of options, it commonly makes sense for installations throughout the entire house.

For laminate wood flooring of the finest quality, BM Floors offers a wide selection of textures, patterns, and hues. To learn more about our goods and our offerings, visit our website. Get a rough price with just a single click.

Top 5 Benefits of Laminate Flooring

 Are you bored of the same look of the flooring in your home?

You want to give it a change and enhance the appearance and worth of your home but you are perhaps hesitant of spending on something you are not even sure of. Wait! Have you given thought to give a touch of class to your floor? Wood flooring and tiles are not the only options. You can also consider laminate flooring.

What is Laminate Flooring?                  

Before you decide whether you should get laminate flooring or not, it’s first imperative to know exactly what it is to give you an idea about its benefits, and problems, if any, of laminate flooring.

As the name implies, laminate flooring is a process where the lamination of several layers of synthetic flooring is glued together. Basically, laminate flooring simulates real woodflooring; it is a photographic layer under a clear protective layer. Usually, the other layers under it contain fibre board materials or melamine resin.

Let’s find out why Laminate Flooring is the best choice for you.

1. Low Maintenance

It is very tiring cleaning your floors every week to make them look presentable, especially your kitchen.

Substituting laminate flooring with your basic flooring is the solution you actually need. Your normal carpet and wood are pretty susceptible to stains, whereas, laminate flooring is much more resistant unlike carpet or wood flooring.

2. Unlimited Design Offer

When choosing laminate flooring as an option, you will never fall short of the selection margin. From wood laminate flooring to a design that can look exactly like stone – there are unlimited styles, patterns, and options for design when you are choosing the right one for your flooring.

The other plus is that you can choose the thickness too, that you desire, with the type of finish that would be the best choice for the room, so there is simply no need to compromise on the style you want. 

3. Easy Installation

When you plan to redo the flooring in a place in your home which is used too frequently, like your entrance or kitchen, your major concern would be the time that will be taken for the installation and the wait for the complete finished look. You are well aware of how much time other flooring options take. So, not to worry, laminate flooring takes lesser time if done efficiently by professional and efficient workers, like the ones at BM Floors.

 4. Maintenance and Durability

The most important feature that we look for in a product is how easy it is to maintain because no one wants to waste time and money on things that would give trouble in the long run. Laminate flooring is moisture and stain-resistant – you won’t find any instance when the laminate flooring has faded. The best ones you can get from BM Floors; are reliable and trustworthy, and we offer goods that never fail our integrity.

The other good thing about laminate flooring is that it is easy to clean. Any sort of spills and moisture can be easily wiped clean and it doesn’t even leave any traces of the spills – the flooring does not require any wax or varnish to make it look as good as new.

5. It’s Cost-Effective

Sometimes you pay the price that you pay for things that you want does not justify it when you look at the quality. However, with laminate flooring that is not the case. The quality that you get from BM Floors is high-class at an affordable price. You will notice how economical laminate flooring is as compared to other hard surface floors. Especially when it comes to its longevity and durability.  

Invest in Laminate Flooring

You must have been convinced by now with for choosing laminate flooring to upgrade your home – BM Floors is always there to serve and see you satisfied with your decision and choice.

How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home

Any interior design must include flooring since it has the power to create or ruin a room. Flooring is the first thing that a person physically and visually interacts with; it is considered the cornerstone of design.

We must evaluate a variety of issues while considering the flooring in our houses, including whether it is safe for infants and any elderly people. Laminate wood flooring is one of the most resilient solutions for our home's flooring.

Since laminate wood flooring can be fully cleaned without missing any dirt particles, it is thought to be more hygienic and hypoallergenic than carpets. Laminate flooring is the greatest option for babies and adults who have breathing problems to live a healthy life because carpets have a tendency to hold on to dust particles.

In addition to being the greatest replacement for wood flooring, laminate flooring also has additional benefits that make it appropriate for living rooms. It is also an affordable choice. It is a common method for getting the appearance of wood and stone without spending a lot of money.

It is strong and resistant to scratches and fading, and it can endure big living room furniture without denting. Because of this, it is best suited for living areas with heavy foot traffic or a lot of natural light.

Due to the fact that the core layer of laminate wood flooring is made entirely from recycled materials, it is also environmentally beneficial. Other important benefits of laminate wood floorings include:

  •  Maintenance and care: Like other types of flooring, laminate wood flooring is simple to maintain. The greatest way to preserve your flooring is promptly clearing up spills and messes. Rugs and mats should also be used in high-traffic areas. Ensure sure any cleaning solution you buy or make yourself is safe for laminate flooring in order to retain and protect the wear layer. Your flooring is at risk if you use wet mops, wood cleaners, or abrasive scrubbers. A comprehensive manual on how to maintain and care for your flooring is provided by BM floor manufacturers.


  •  Design options: Since laminate flooring has printed textures, you can alter one to suit your preferences. There is also the option for beveling, embossing, and gloss effects. For various rooms, it is also possible to employ various picture layer textures. Every design option you want to choose for your various rooms is available with BM flooring.


  •  Easy installation: Laminate wood flooring is often constructed as floating floors, which means that they are spread across the preexisting subfloor in the form of interlocking boards. There's no need for glue, nails, or staples. This makes installing laminate flooring a fairly simple DIY project.


  • Increased life span: Average life expectancy for laminate flooring is 15 to 25 years. Your floor's product quality, how well you take care of it, and the amount of use it sees all affect how long it will last.

In conclusion, laminate wood flooring is the perfect substitute for any expensive flooring since it is affordable, long-lasting, simple to install, and it gives your bedrooms, living rooms, etc. a beautiful appearance. Some of the greatest laminate wood flooring in the area can be found at BM Floors. Visit our website to learn more about BM floors and laminate wood flooring.


If we talk about the decor of any place, the floor plays a major role in it. Because floors are the secret key to attraction and one of the most impactful spaces in a house. Floors are an essential part of the interior design concept. A beautiful floor has a significant impact on the overall interior of a home. If you want to change the decor of a place you can start with the floor. A floor with a creative interior can make the space looks cooler and more attractive. There are plenty of options for flooring but for a busy area, laminate wood flooring would be the most suitable.

Laminate wood flooring is a kind of popular nowadays. It is a multilayer synthetic wood flooring that is topped by a transparent wear layer. It is fused together with a high amount of heat and intense pressure. It makes the wood flooring looks smooth and easily cleanable. Getting quality wood flooring is hard but BM Floor, with their demanding services, can help you with that.




Most people choose laminate wood flooring because of its durability. Also, it is affordable as compared to other floors. Laminated floorings can be more stable than hardwood. Being a trending decor, it is the best choice for people these days. Wood flooring gives an aesthetic glance and lamination enhances its appearance. Laminate wood flooring can be the safest floor for your family because of its diverse use in kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, halls, etc.  


Laminate wood flooring is becoming popular day by day, why? Because of its great advantages. Let’s check why people are opting for this:


Durability and endurance are huge advantages of laminate wood flooring. Because of its tough exterior and resin coating, it is scratch resistant and sturdy. Undoubtedly, a better choice against dents.


If you want to choose good-looking floors at a pocket-friendly price, then go for laminate wood flooring. you don't have to spend all your money on it. Also, BM Floors can help you in this by providing their quality laminating services.

Stain resistance:

One of the best advantages of laminate wood flooring is that it is stain resistant which makes it easy to maintain. The stains can be removed safely without disturbing the floor. It does not require varnishes or waxes, lamination makes cleaning easy for wood flooring.


There are many choices when it comes to Laminate wood flooring. it is available in different varieties. Its diversity in different colors, thicknesses, and sizes makes it more acceptable.

 Easy to maintain:

It is pretty easy to maintain it as it is stain and scratch-resistant even the biggest stain can be safely removed. you don't need any special cleaners to keeping-up the laminate wood flooring. All you need is to sweep your floor daily.

 Environment friendly:

As this flooring is made up of wood so it is easy to be recycled and reused. It is made without any artificial additions like metals or other organic matter.

 Now you know the reason why wood flooring is highly chosen and the best place to get it done. BM Floors are one of the renowned wood flooring distributors. The years of experience have made them the top flooring manufacturers. Their services never fail to amaze their clients. So, if you have to give an updated look to your floors, you can take assistance from BM Floor. Check their website for more information.
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The task of choosing an office flooring requires utmost consideration. The flooring of any place is usually accounted as the second priority but should definitely be otherwise. You have to carefully opt for the one which is enduring and perfectly sits within the interior of your office. Here at BM FLOORS, you will have access to plenty of options, but to choose amongst them is not an easy task. The chore of choosing a suitable flooring for your office is once in a blue moon task. For the same reason, you might be a little confused about the key factors which should be taken into account while selecting pertinent one. As always we are here to make it easy for you. Laminate wood flooring scores in literally all aspects. There are abundant benefits of laminate flooring which most of the other flooring options do not acquire


Following are highlighted a few reasons why laminate wood flooring is an impeccable option for your office:-

1.    Affordable:- when you are searching for a decent-looking flooring for your office, you would, by all means, yearn for something at a reasonable cost. Options like marble flooring are often out of the range. Moreover, you would probably want something which suits the interior of your office. Laminate meets the requirement entirely.

When you compare the expenditure of laminate  flooring with other flooring types, you will come across a drastic change, not only economically and its longevity but also how affordable it is. As a consequence, you will be able to install it and forget about it. BM FLOORS intends to provide such a fine quality of  laminateflooring in Karachi, that you will not be forced to think about a new flooring option at least for a decade.


2.   Durable:- as mentioned earlier, wood laminate flooring is highly durable as compared to the other options. Along with being a robust material, it can also withstand stains, scratches, dents and even fading. The key factor which makes our flooring the best amongst the other laminate floorings in Karachi is that it is constructed inlayers. The top layer being the “wear layer”. These layers protect the ensign from fading, scratching and damage from everyday use. Next is the design or “decorative layer”, as the name of the layer suggests, this is the part where the high-resolution image of wood, stone, metal, or any material  appears. Then comes the “core layer” which is made from high-density fiberboard that is reinforced with a special material called resin to further embellish moisture resistance and increase persistence. Finally, the bottom-most layer called the “backing-layer'' is designed to resist moisture that causes boards to wrap.

By installing laminate flooring you will prevent yourself from any maintenance cost and not devote any more time to laminate flooring. Therefore, it is not only durable but also cost-efficient in the longer run.


3.    Aesthetically pleasing:- it is imperative to choose a flooring which corresponds to the décor of your office. Here at BM FLOORS, the laminate flooring is printed with a high definition printer. You can customize the flooring with any design of your choice. You can choose the preferable color, texture, design. Thus, every design you might want on laminate flooring is available at BM FLOORS.

The advantage is that with the help of HD printers, you can print baroque designs on the laminate flooring. Ergo, there is absolutely no shortage of design prints when laminate flooring is concerned. You can go for different kinds of office flooring with the help of laminate flooring. Two of the options are listed below:

     Hardwood flooring

     Tile flooring

Basically in this case, the material used will be that of laminate and the look will be of the mimicked flooring. Hence a lot of aesthetically-pleasing design can be obtained by the help of laminate flooring and the versatility with which laminate flooring comes is assuredly the crowning achievement.

4.    Ease of installation:-  most of the laminate flooring in the current times with the proper locking mechanism. For the same reason, it becomes very easy to install and maintain. Why is BM FLOORS the paragon when flooring is concerned? Well, because our charges per square foot are extremely reasonable and even if you save a little per square foot, then a significant amount of expenditure is saved for your office. Mostly, offices have a vast area, so when you look at it on a net basis, you will automatically save a significant amount of money.

Get your hands on the one of the best and finest of quality laminate flooring in Karachi without being too heavy on the pocket. BM FLOORS have been serving in this industry for years and the quality of the service remains constant. We offer our clients with fashionable and hot-sale designs which you will only find at BM FLOORS and nowhere else. For further details about the quintessential laminate flooring in Karachi, visit our website now.